Our Philosophy

We are the only 100% Organic Garment Cleaner in SW Florida

Diamond Cleaners is proudly introducing an all new 100% organic garment cleaning system that replaces hazardous chemicals, in particular Perchloroethylene (known as PERC), used by the major of other Dry Cleaners (80% to 85%) today.

The Problems with Perc

California became the first state in the country to implement a complete phase-out of PERC after the California Air Resource Board on January 25, 2007 voted unanimously to eliminate all PERC use in the state by 2023.

This alternative to PERC comes at a good time. Most of the 200 million pounds of PERC used annually by 35.000 cleaners across the United States and Canada eventually enters the air and can contaminate the workplace and nearby apartments. Some PERC stays in the cleaned clothing and can (in lesser amounts) contaminate consumers' homes. Significant amounts of PERC have entered ground water aquifers, creating major Superfund liabilties. In California, 10 percent of the drinking water wells are contaminated with PERC.

PERC exposure has been linked to a variety of human health problems. PERC is known to attack the central nervous system and can lead to headaches, nausea, dizziness and memory problems. PERC has been associated with numerous reproductive problems, including fertility problems in men and menstrual disorder in women. Among female dry cleaning workers, studies have shown a risk of miscarriage that is three to four times above normal. PERC ist also known to contaminate the mother's milk.

Growing evidence indicates PERC causes cancer in humans. The prestigious International Agency for Research in Cancer (IARC) classifies PERC as a "probable human carcinogen" and other regulatory bodies are following suit. PERC is already known to cause cancer in animals. Several studies have indicated that PERC exposure in humans increases the risk of esophagus, lung, kidney and liver cancers. Water contaminated with PERC has also been significantly linked to leikemia and cancers of the pankreas, bladder and cervix.

No Health Damage to Customers

The new alternative process, as now used by Diamond CLeaners, delivers environmentally advanced cleaning agents with plain water instead of PERC and allows all "Dry Clean Only" garments to be professionally cleaned without the use of the dangerous chemical. Using this new process Diamond

Cleaners WILL NOT expose his clients, employees and the environment to Perc, a chemical which EPA considers to be a health hazard, as described before.

Diamond Cleaners' new cleaning process uses less electricity and the used water is not toxic when it leaves the plant ready to biodegrade.

With Diamond Cleaners' new environmentally friendly process customers will no longer be taking toxic residue and toxic smell home with their freshly cleaned clothes. All cleaned garments will smell pleasantly fresh and not of toxic PERC residue.

Diamond Cleaners' process can be beneficial to people who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin and prevent skin irritaions by eliminating aggresive and toxic chemical residue from cleaned garments. Diamond Cleaners' operation DOES NOT represent an environmental risk or threat to its surroundings, neighbourhoods and the community in general.

Our Cleaning Process

Our Cleaning Process is the most commercial available non-toxic alternative to dry cleaning. It is an aqueous process for cleaning a full range of garments using state of the art technology, biodegradable detergents and additives, followed by appropriate drying and restorative finishing procedures.

Our professional washers use a computer to controll the rotation of the cleaning drum in order to minimize agitation while providing sufficient movement for effective garment cleaning. Our washers are also equipped with a computer programmed detergent injection system, which allows us to specify the amount and type of the detergent used for each load.

Biodegratable detergents have been formulated by our detergent manufacturer to maximize cleaning power.

Our dryers also include computer controls to assure that garments retain a proper amount of moisture after the dry circle is complete.

Our specialized tensioning pressing machines are used to enhance the restoration of constructed garments, such as suit jackets, suit pants, and tailored items.


To learn more abour PERC click here: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)